Cosplayed as Lilah from Jonah Hex at Long Beach Comic Con! :D

For once, I didn’t make my costume… saved me so much time HAHA! But all the glaring inaccuracies… Oh well! Slacking off is allowed during mid-term season!
I wish I am half as hot as Megan Fox. QwQ

Special thanks to electricheat for taking the photos!
Edit by me. :3c

Editting photos during study breaks keep me sane. 8Da

For AX 2012, I cosplayed Kotobukiya’s Marvel Bishoujou version of Emma Frost, it was my first “real” comic book cosplay so I was super nervous haha… But I think it came out okay!

I want this figurine so bad OMG ugh wish I had the money when it first came out sobbing.

I love Emma Frost, she’s my favourite female comic book character! Here’s hoping I will be able to pull off more Emma cosplays in the future. *^* /prob not but hey I can try~

Special thanks to electricheat for taking the photos!
And Eric for the pose directing LOL!
Edit by me~

Made a variation of Stephanie Rogers (fem!Captain America) for AM2, the dress is based on robinade's design and can be found here. :D

Special thanks to electricheat for being my Natasha Stark and sungmi for the photos!

More to come when I stop procrastinating and edit the ones from my camera. LOL!

[BJD] Lucia/Volks Tanpopo.

Tags: BJD Volks Tanpopo

[BJD] Spectre/Volks Cristal.

[BJD] Amyris/Volks SDGr Okita Souji.

[BJD] Gabriel/Soom Chalco.

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[COS] Setsugetsuka Gakupo. OuOa

[COS] Setsugetsuka Gakupo. OuOa

[BJD] Finale/Volks Olivia Boy Custom.


Cake? IDK. LOL.